I’m expanding my boundries, ya’ll

February 13, 2007

I was never good at starting things.  However, once I got the ball rolling…I rocked!  That’s how I feel about this new blog of mine.  I have been blogging privately for over a year…just to family and friends.  They’re easy to please.  But I’ve been trying to start this one for about 2 months.

I’ve been reading these crazy, Southern women’s blogs for about 6 months.  They’re just plum nuts.  And I love it!  I started commenting on a few and felt like a heel when it asked for my webpage info. 

Then Shannon and Chilihead started a new blog called Blogging101.  It got me inspired!  So…I suppose a little glimpse in my world will get you started:

I’m a missionary kid…which basically means we taught the PK’s how to rowdy up the church.  I have 2 boys.  My oldest is 7 and we call him OldMan because, well…that’s what he is.  My youngest is 3 and he’s Gremlin.  I think the name speaks for itself.  Actually when I think about it, they’re personalities coorilate with how they were birthed. 

OldMan was 2 weeks late, but I had an epideral so it went all according to plan….total breeze.  OldMan’s personality is pretty calm as long everything is planned out and communicated properly.  This kid was having deep conversations with me at 17 months.  It was kind of creepy, actually.

Gremlin was 3 weeks early and was practically clawing his way out.  Needless to say, the dr didn’t make it and the intern was completely traumitized.  He is such a throw-caution-in-the-wind kind of guy.  Everything is extreme with him.

My husband is a family life pastor at a great church.  It’s only 3 years old and we’re already busting out of our current facilities.  It’s awesome to see, but logistically can get a bit crazy. 

I have a tendency of being a bit too sarcastic (which makes for some strange looks from ladies at the church that expect a ‘typical’ pastor’s wife).  I’m not much for hum-drum .  I think you end up missing out on some great gifts/insights from God.  I love the fact that my God is much more gracious than I; hence I’m in His fold and happy to be there.

I’m doing this blog thing more for myself than anything.  I always feel better after I write and I figure there’ll be maybe 5 people that might meander over this way, so I shouldn’t make too many people stumble.

Stay tuned…


  1. This is Great Jen. Thanks for sharing…

  2. What an inspiration and for sure I will be reading to keep updated on what you have to offer. U go girl!!! I’ll just sit back and keep thinking all sorts of nice things beaming with pride and a greatful heart to have been exposed to your blog, Old Man, Gremlin and your husband. PS – will you reply to me too?

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