I love me a good forum

February 15, 2007


I was thrilled to death to hear about the new forum starting for mothers in line for a little grace – MOG.  I recently have been a part of a forum that’s a bit odd for me…The Cavy Compendium.  What’s that you say?  Apparently a Cavy is a snazzy way of saying guinea pig.  No…I don’t have any…never have.  I’m completely blaming my sis-in-law.  She used to be VERY good at keeping up on her blog, but then these furry little gals stepped in and took over her body.  Needless to say, if we (the fam) wanted to know if she was alive or dead, we had to join the compendium and get the scoop.

And I’m here to say, those forums are a hoot!  You can get some real wacko’s out there, but most of them are just animal loving people that have fallen in love with this weeking (they week…it’s a sound not a body function!), popcorning (they jump around like fleas!) ball of fur.

I am personally an aunt to Chili and Neener.  And a proud one at that.

Now…where was I going with that?  Oh yes, I encourage all of the thousands that read this blog to go straight to that forum (the MOG, that is), sign up and enjoy some good chatting.  It doesn’t matter if your kids are all grown up or if you have 5 kids all under the age of 6.

Go on.  Go check it out.


  1. Pretty good writing….for a sister.

  2. Just wanted to say your blog looks awesome!!! I am one of the Moms of Grace members so I look forward to getting to know you!

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