One small act of kindness

February 26, 2007

Recently my mum gave me a book to read with the boys.  It’s called Simple Acts of Faith.  It’s true stories that are interesting and touching that also surround Norman Rockwell paintings.  It’s really been a hoot to read.

Thought I’d share one with you as it’s a story I’ve never heard before:

“In a suburb of Dallas known as Richardson, a small, bright-eyed gentleman named Jim Hoyt manages his own bike store.  The mom-and-pop shop, Richardson Bike Mart, is known throughout the community as a strong sponsor of bike racers, and Hoyt maintains a personal passion to help kids get started in the sport.

Keeping an eye on the street front, Jim noticed a young woman who faithfully took her son to a nearby shop for fresh doughnuts each week.  He began talking to the woman, discovered she was a single mom, and instinctively knew she was struggling to get by.  Jim took an interest in the small family and decided to give the woman a discount on a bicycle:  a Schwinn Mag Scrambler.  The mom accepted the offer, and through the kind act of a stranger, sever-year-old Lance Armstrong was introduced to the world of biking.  Describing the bike, Armstrong writes, “It was an ugly brown with yellow wheels, but I loved it.  Why does any kid love a bike?  It’s liberation and independence, your first set of wheels.””

My first bike was red with a sparkling red banana seat.  I loved it!


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  1. What a sweet story. Oh- Tag, it’s your turn! Tell us 5 reasons why you blog.


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