Dear Me, 1987

March 6, 2007


 Dear GGW of 1987,

 There is so much I’d like to say to encourage you, but I’m afraid you wouldn’t even listen to me.  Last year you thought you were the queen of the world, until that November.

Now you are walking around in a cloud and making some bad moves.  Horrible decisions that will effect you for the rest of your life.  The 2007-you is still living those decisions.

Right now you don’t think it’s fair and you want to damage anything and anyone.  I wish I could help you see that it’s not worth it.  But you’re so stubborn and heaven forbid if you should even ask for help.  It doesn’t mean you’re weak, GWW.  You’re 15.  You need some direction.

You can’t seem to imagine life 2 months down the road, but trust me it gets so much better.  In about a year you’re going to leave the country for a couple of years.  It’s good.  You need it.  There’s a dangerous fire burning in you that needs to be tenderly yet firmly drowned.  You’ll think you’re parents are cruel for taking you away, but in the long run you’ll praise them for saving your life.

Like most girls your age, you think you’re not pretty enough, cool enough nor good enough.  I’m telling you now, that you are so much more than what you think.  You have so much to offer people and life in general.  Quit hiding behind that mask.  You’re much more beautiful than that.

Also…here’s a thought:  Don’t waste you’re time with that stupid boy you’re with.  He’s useless and only wants one thing.  It sounds like forever, but in 10 quick years you will get the attention of a guy you’ve had a crush on for awhile.  He SO cute and understanding.  You two will have to work through a lot but 1) he’s worth it and 2) he loves you to the core and couldn’t imagine his life with anyone else.  Actually, right now, while you’re doing whatever the heck it is you’re doing, he’s fishing for wall-eye in Ohio, thinking about you.  He doesn’t know you, but he thinks about you often and prays for you…even now.  You are already very special in his eyes and you don’t even know it.

You’re going to make it, GGW.   You’re going to be a wonderful, Godly woman.  A fun and crazy mom.  A tender and barrier-breaking wife.  Just hold on, girl, hold on.

GGW of 2007

Thanks to OwlHaven for starting this wonderful project.


  1. Sweet post! And there’s a whole bunch more of these over at http://www.miscmum.com/2007/01/dear-me-project.html where I originally saw it. You ought to tell her about yours!


  2. Thanks, Mary! I just did.

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