Friday Favorites

March 16, 2007


 I love fruit, but you might say I have an obsession with watermelon.  Sounds weird, but not so much when you think about my toe-jam issues(!).

To me, watermelon is a big sign of summer.  We got a little happy last night and had some seedless watermelon.  A little early, but still it. was. yum.

*Warning:  Eating too much watermelon will cause hourly pitstops…even if you’re supposed to be sleeping!  That goes for 3 year old little boys that don’t pay attention to that sensation.

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  1. I love watermelon as well! It reminds me of care-free summer days as a child.. Until I was 14, I was scared of swallowing the seeds in case watermelon started growing in my stomach!

  2. I know what you mean! My kids can not WAIT for watermelons every year…last year, they even planted a bunch of seeds in hopes that they would come up this year. :o)

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