Boy’s contruction playland

March 21, 2007


Gremlin is very serious about anything with wheels.  With the expansion of our church he has gone crazy over toy construction vehicles.  Of course they need something to push around and construct, right??

Problem:  It’s raining cats and dogs all day and I. Don’t. Do. Sand.

Solution:  I went to Walmart and bought a long plastic container with short sides, a LOT of rice and let the boy go crazy.  It’s much easier to clean up and easy to replace.  When he’s done, the lid goes on and play time’s over.  That’s all he asks to do now. 


That’s What Works For Me today….There’s tons more over at Shannon’s.



  1. Great tip!

  2. oh that’s awesome!! i won’t do sand in the house either… but how do you keep him from getting rice all over your house?

  3. I think you just won “Mom of the Year” award…that is an AWESOME idea. I’m totally going to Wal Mart and getting one of those!

  4. OK – I’m on my way to Walmart. And I’ve added “large flat container” and “lots of rice” to my list. My four-year-old will be all over this one.

    Thanks for the idea – I’m sure it is going to make lots of little boys VERY happy.

  5. Carrie…I put it either out in the garage and leave the door open to keep an eye on him or I’ll just put it on the kitchen floor. He has his own tiny broom and dustpan and gets a kick out of sweeping up his mess. Glad you liked the idea!

  6. Love it! We’ll try it this week!

    Thanks for the idea!

  7. Great tip! I have to remember this one. Thanks for sharing, have a great rest of the week! =)

  8. This is an excellent idea! My 3 year old will loooooveeee it!!!! Thanks for the tips!

  9. That’s a great idea!! I don’t think my kids will find it to be fun though…but that is only because they are 17,19 & 20.
    But 15 years ago this would have been great!!
    Thanks for visiting.

  10. I love this idea! I am a 58 year old Nana and I am always looking for fun things to do with my little guys. We will do with today.

    I was actually looking on some websites for a devotion I need for tonight for some young mothers so I will probably share this great tip and this website.

  11. LOVE IT! We grew up doing this! I have not only done that…but also with my toddlers (homework time for older two) used cornmeal and a measuring cup in rubbermaid. Also…instead of sand, I chose pea gravel in our “sandbox”. It is much nicer and cats don’t pee in it! 🙂

  12. […] like today, soloing though a messy playdate for eight (plus moms), lunch for four, constructing a rice construction site, working out the details of a birdseed find-a-thing bottle for next month’s playgroup craft, […]

  13. Brilliant idea!!! I won’t touch sand either (it seems to find its way into our house without any help from me)… I’m going to try out the rice trap after our next Cosco run…

  14. That is brilliant. I am so doing that.

  15. […] Last week or the week before, I followed a link from one blog to another and found this idea for filling a long, shallow box with rice for an indoor “sand” box. I spent an hour this morning trying to track down that link, so if you know where I saw it, holla. Thanks. Edit: Toddler Planet’s whymommy remembered where I saw it. I clicked from her blog to Girl Gone Wild. I even commented on that entry. […]

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