Candy Corn Vine

March 28, 2007


 I’m not a hard-core gardener.  I mostly just love digging and trying to arrange God’s wonderful creations.  The boys are ALWAYS trying to help me in some sort or manner so I absolutely HAD to come up with something that’s “their’s”, so I can do my own damage. 

I came across a plant that I’d not heard much about called, The Candy Corn Vine.  It’s absolutely beautiful and you can hardly go wrong with this thing.  The hummingbirds LOVE it.  It can grown indoors or outdoors.  (It does like shade if it’s outside)  Because it’s a vine, it’s constantly growing and adding flowers so it keeps the attention of my youngest and makes my oldest feel like he can do anything!

 Here’s a pic:

 Candy Corn Vine

That’s my gardening WFMW tip.  Be sure to head over to Shannon’s for more tips.  (I, seriously get awesome tips every. single. week.)


  1. Ha, I was wondering why you were posting a ‘fall’ tip in the spring! Those are really cool!

  2. Oh that is a cute vine! I may have to get one.


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