Just Say Hello

March 28, 2007

I loved this entry in the Simple Acts of Faith book I have.  Wanted to share it:

“More than anything, Sam wanted to become the president of the university’s student body. He learned early on that the secret to campus leadership required the simplest act:  Speak to those coming down the sidewalk before they speak to you.

Same did it all the time.  Whether he was carrying books, papers, or merely taking a stroll, he would keep one eye on the person coming toward him.  If he knew the person’s name, he would call it out.  If not, he’d still speak to them.  Before long, he knew more students than anyone in the university, and many recognized him and considered him a friend.  He not only became president of the student body but president of the senior men’s honor society, an officer in his fraternity, and president of the senior class.

An article in his fraternity newspaper described, ‘Sam is one of those rare people who knows every janitor by name, passes plates in church, and loves to join organizations.’

Indeed, his secret weapon was simply being friendly, and it’s one that carried Sam Walton far, if not to the top of the business world.”


One comment

  1. Wow. It really does seem simple, but I can see how it can change a life. I know it would make me feel good to have someone greet me by name whenever they saw me! I’ll have to remember that!

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