Oldman the Baptist

April 4, 2007

*I have been thinking a bit more (than normal) about how thankful I am for such creative and wacky boys.  All kinds of past stories are coming to mind.  This was last year, when OldMan was 6 and Gremlin had just turned 3: 

I was attempting to tune out the boys out while I was “working” online and all of a sudden my ears pick up OldMan saying, “Confess your sins to the public, Gremlin!”

 Image…excuse me?

I look around the screen of the laptop and see that they are using my blue fold-up lounging chair as a baptisimal.  I asked OldMan, “Whatcha doing, son?”

 “Oh, we’re just ‘babatising’ ourselves.  It’s good for the soul, Mom.” Image  {Riiiiiiight…sure….of course!}  I asked him to run the gammet for me….

OldMan:  “Gremlin, confess your sins to the public!”

Gremlin:  “hummana, hummana, hummana, Jesus in my heart, hummana, water, hummana, get my hair wet, amen.”

OldMan: “I babatise you by Jesus’ Father and Holy Ghost!  …no gremlin, move your hand, I hold your nose.”

[…dunk…clap, clap,clap]

OldMan: “That’s all there is to it.”


One comment

  1. That is a cute story…..kids say the darndest things don’t they!
    What a Blessing!
    Blessings to you and your family this Easter Season!

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