Bless you

April 7, 2007

Yesterday I was talking about the following story to a friend and had to share:

[WARNING:  This is NOT for the grumpiness of heart…or maybe it should be…]

Last summer while in the car, Gremlin was having a nasty sneezing fit, so I properly ‘Blessed him’ with each sneeze.  After his fit, it got real quiet then I heard him whisper to himself, “Oh great…I’ve got bless-you’s all over my seat!”

My hubby’s aunt was so tickled over it that she sent it in to the magazine “Country”.  It was in the January ’07 issue.


  1. Too Cute!

  2. Ok, you just won the next LOL Monday. Stop by my blog on Monday for the badge…

  3. What a funny little boy! That is hilarious!

  4. Thats cute! Kids say the funniest stuff!

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