Let’s Get Real Monday

April 9, 2007


I’m a LGR newbie; and/but I love the idea behind it.  It’s hosted by I Have To Say.  This week it’s about our favorite things.  That is really broad so I’ve had to really think to narrow it down.  It’s come to this: I love to garden.  Wow…that’s sounds SO boring.  So much for that “wild” side in me!

I’m not much into the veggie thing, but I find great enjoyment in flowers.  There’s something relaxing and peaceful when I dig into the dirt and create something beautiful to watch and smell.  Needless to say, Old Man Winter is just about to make me scream!  He’s killing things faster than I can keep covered up. 

If you guys get a chance…tackle ’em, rope ’em and I’ll be happy to torture ’em.


  1. I love to garden also. We have a problem with deer eating everything we attempt to grow but I am vowing to win that battle this year! Believe me when I say that they eat everything that grows!

  2. Thanks for sharing Char

  3. I am trying really hard to get my flower garden in the front to look and smell nice, but this darn weather!

  4. I love my garden too, but it’s been raining so much here that I’ve been trapped inside sewing, so it’s not all bad!

  5. I love color in my yard/garden, too! But first I have to get out there and tackle the weeds – which make a tasty treat and diversion for our hens who are “cooped” up (LOL!!) to keep them away from our newly planted garden!
    Thank you for Sharing!

  6. I wish that gardening and me were more compatible. I don’t know what I do wrong.. LOL. I have to ignore everything and they do just fine, if I fuss, they die!

    My favorties are here.

  7. I enjoy gardening, too, but more of the veggie kind. It’s so satisfying to serve a dish of yellow beans grown right in our back yard, or make baked ziti with tomato sauce from the garden. Sadly, our flowerbeds are overgrown and weedy.

    We’re having a bout with winter, too. I’m ready to plant! XO

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