Big time prayer need (*Updated*)

April 11, 2007

**UPDATE**  Heather will be heading out to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (best neurosurgical hospital in the nation) on April 25th.  It’s time to rally together and help this family out.  They don’t have the money (who does?!), but with all the expenses they have incurred due to medical expenses for their daughter (whole other miracle story in itself)….they REALLY don’t have the money.  This is one area they should not have to consider while dealing with surgery for a brain tumor.  They need miracles on all kinds of levels.  If you feel like you could donate even $1.oo, head on over to BooMama’s place on April 18th.  I’ll remind again on that day.  Not to sound cliche or anything, but let’s be God’s hand extended to a family that oh, so needs to be touched.


Yesterday I found out that Heather from EspeciallyHeather had an MRI and the scan found a glioma on her brain.  This morning she has an appointment to see a neurosurgeon.  Of course Heather being Heather…she’s more concerned about her family.  Laura is suppose to keep us updated on Heather’s website here.

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