What’s in a name?!

April 13, 2007

I knew the day would come when I would be asked, “Why on God’s green earth would you name your blog such a controversial name?”

The emails have officially come.  On the same day, I might add.

I had planned on touching on this topic, a bit, on my very first post, but I didn’t think that was the time.  Now is.  I don’t feel like I “owe” anyone an answer, but I also don’t want anyone to stumble.  I’m not sure how my blog title would make them stumble…but there’s always a first.

1.  I was obviously a bit of a wild child.  Typical teen, doing what teens sometimes do.  When I hit 20-21 I was diagnosed with Graves disease.  I had had it so long that by the time it was caught, I should’ve been in a padded cell.  Graves messes with your thought process and emotional being.  I would LOVE to blame all of the stupid decisions I had made up to that point on my Graves, but that wouldn’t be completely true.  After going through radiation and trying to get back to “normal”, I felt like I had been in a coma for years and didn’t know myself.  I didn’t know what I liked, didn’t like, hobbies, etc.  I moved and started my journey to discover myself.  I met a guy that turned out to be a very good friend.  After about a year or so he, out of the blue, told me one day, “You know, you can be yourself and still be a woman of God.”  It’s sounds so miniscule to type out, but for where I was right then, it was like an Oprah ‘A-ha’ moment.  It was life changing for me.  “You mean, I don’t have to say the right church-y words, dress in the right church-y clothes?”  Right on!  I’m in!

2.  My pastor did a series last year called, “Girls Gone Wild – Bible Style”.  He did a 5 week study on certain women in the Bible that weren’t church-y girls (Rehab, etc).  It caused all sorts of chaos with other churches around us.   We were given hate mail.  We even lost a few (just a few) people in the church that thought it was just too “crazy” for a church.  However, the number of people that came that had NEVER stepped foot into a church were staggering.  What was even more staggering was the number of people who gave their hearts to the Lord during that series.  I loved it!  I was a girl gone wild…only now, it’s bible style.  (BTW…much more adventurous, than before!!!)

3.  Why the icon of the eye?  (If you’re lost here: when I comment on blogs my icon is a picture of an eye.)  I remember when I was going through the worst times of my life, it always seemed so much worse, when no looked at me.  It was like I was invisible…not worth the look.  Today, I know my worth.  I’ve got a lot to give and the most simplest thing I can give anyone is a portion of my attention.  I try so hard to look anyone I pass in the eye.  No matter what they look like, sound like, smell like….they are a person made my the same God that made me.  That’s worth a lot more than a “look”, but I can give that even on days when I don’t feel like it.

Jesus is not a style.  He’s not a denomination.  He is a eye-openning, breath of fresh air to a soul that needs spring cleaning.  He loves the various personalities!  How awesome is it to be able to be who you are with your strengths and weaknesses and know that you are completely loved and cherished by God. 

He doesn’t care if you want to sing in a choir or should just sing to yourself…He just wants to hear you sing. (Even if it does make your child sad!!  Hee, hee!)

He doesn’t care if you come to church wearing the cutest savvy short outfit from Banana Republic or if you’re wearing the only pair of jeans you own…He just wants you to come and learn more about His love for you.

That’s why I chose Girl Gone Wild as my blog title.  I try to put Bible Style in wherever I can, just to make sure people know my intentions.  I don’t want to offend anyone, but no one is required to read this blog.  Some may say it’s just not interesting enough to read….hee, hee….that’s ok too.  There’s definitely enough blogs out there for the choosing.

Now that that’s taken care of, on to more uplifting posts…!



  1. I get the same questions about my URL, I finally put an “about me” page on my site to explain the whole thing.

    I love the Girls Gone Wild Bible style things, if you notice, the majority of all the Bible stories and people, were what today’s Christians would refer to as backsliders. David for example, committed adultry, then murder to cover up the adultry. If he were in church today, he would be excommunicated! 😉

  2. Wow, that is a great post. I loved it! and I think I just might be a “girl gone wild” Thanks for shareing!

  3. Oh should have known Miss Cat would get here first! lol

    Hey it’s Stacey from MOG–just read your blog, loved your post. Not gonna lie, I was a bit of a wild child myself! I cannot wait for Cave Day! Hope your week is blessed. ~Stacey

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