Loothph toothphs

April 17, 2007

OldMan has been ‘playing’ with his very loose 2 front teeth for weeks!  He was driving me nuts! It took a lot of tears and surprise to get one out.  Then the other day, Gremlin was wrestling around with him and head butted the other dangling tooth up into his gum.

The world stopped rotating immediately.  You know that quiet before the screaming storm hits?  Yeah…I heard the quiet and knew it was going to be a bad one.  Of course Gremlin was completely confused as his head is made of brick!

There was lots of blood and tons of threats towards Gremlin, but by the end of it all, the tooth ended up coming out.  Hallelujah!  He very quickly realized that he couldn’t say certain words very well (“Loothph toothphs”).  We had great fun with it.

In comes the tooth fairy.

OldMan was never one for false realities (what a party-pooper!), so I didn’t even TRY to convince him there was a fairy that would trade his tooth for money in his sleep.  I did, however, turn it into a game.  I don’t know who has more fun with it…me or him.  I have a ‘tooth fairy’ pillow that we put the tooth in and put it under his pillow and the deal is this.  If he catches me trading his tooth out for money, then he gets double the amount.  I normally give a quarter for a tooth, unless it’s a front, top tooth then it’s a dollar!  Well, he caught me with the first tooth, but by golly, I was sneaky on that other tooth and he was WAY too busy snoring to catch me. It’s great fun!

I keep his teeth in my jewelry box.  I’m thinking about making a necklace out of them and wearing it evertime he tries to bring a girl home!


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  1. my 10 year old still believes in the tooth fairy! lol.

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