Especially for Heather!

April 18, 2007


 Today is Heather’s Day.  I talked a few days ago about a chance for us to be a blessing to Heather and her family.  That day is here.  If you’ll go to BooMama’s, she’ll have a special button that will allow us to give (through PayPal), for any costs that Heather might have to deal with while going to the Mayo Clinic next week.  We did such an incredible job when we did this for Kelli and it would be INSANE and very cool if we could do the same for Heather.  I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

Heather obviously still needs our prayers.  This weekend she and her husband told their kids about what was happening.  It completely broke my heart as I sat there thinking how it would be for me if I had to explain something like that to my boys.  Please continue to pray over her and her family.  And if you can, please head over to BooMamas and give some blessing.



  1. It is unimaginable to think of any mom (or Dad) sharing such news with their children. Still, what is incredible…is this amazing group of bloggers who have instantaneously and faithfully responded in prayer…and in a very tangible way to help another…someone who we have never met…but somehow know~!



  2. ……geesh! That was suppose to be….somehow knowN! The importance of one little letter!


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