WFMW – Okie butter

April 18, 2007


…and no, I don’t mean the old fashion churn-your-own-butter.  That just looks like TOO much work. 

I’m sure this PB mix is called a variety of things as I’ve even seen it on the tables of a Danish family restaurant near Shipshawanna IN.  But growing up it was Okie butter.  My boys won’t eat PB sandwiches any other way now:

1T of butter (room temp)
2T of peanut butter
1-2T of maple syrup

Mix it all together and slap it on some bread.  It should be VERY creamy, but not too runny.  I have always “eyeballed” it when making it so I hope I’m not too off on my measurements.

Head on over to Shannon’s for some more great tips!

One comment

  1. I’m a peanut butter hater, but I just mixed this up and it’s quite good! Thanks for the recipe. I recently discovered the pb and nutella is an excellent combination, as well.

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