Touch and go…

April 23, 2007

The In-laws have arrived, so I’ll be here on a touch and go basis this week.  This morning we’re off to enjoy a little shopping at Bass Pro with a wonderful lunch buffet at Hemingways (the restaurant upstairs in Bass Pro).  Gremlin absolutely LOVES going to Bass Pro…he gets to “test drive” every single boat and 4 wheeler in the showroom!  How fun for us all….!

BTW…just checked in to see how much was given For Heather and we’re over $15,000!!!!  It’s amazing!  There are some AWESOME, giving bloggers out there.



  1. Oh fun! Hope your day goes splendidly, GGW. Cat and I decided you need a name–how about GiGi (short for G G in GGW)? I have a cat named GiGi and she’s BEAUTIFUL! So we’ll have a Cat and a GiGi at the cave–I think I need a fun name too–like my other cat named Jack–or the black one, Boo. You two pick, I’m partial to Boo, but Jack is my favorite cat. lol

    It’s a Harlequin tree, won’t get very big at all, which is what we needed in that space. We put that one in the ground, so it should stay around for awhile, unless it realizes the neighbors are much kinder to their plants–shhh! ~Stacey

  2. LOL okay, I was just coming over to your blog to tell you we needed your name. LOL but we do really like calling you GiGi! LOL we were talking about our trip to the caves and we kept having to call you Girl Gone Wild! LOL So GiGi it was.

    Hope the visit from the In-laws goes well!

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