WFMW – Perfect Over Easy Eggs

April 25, 2007


I’m completely, whole-heatedly stealing this from my mum.  We are an “over easy” kind of family when it comes to fried eggs.  Meaning cooked whites…wiggly yellows.  I personally get all kinds of verclempt-ness going when it comes to flipping the eggs.  I’m now saved from this drama…..

Cook your eggs in any product you choose (with butter or bacon fat…as IF anything else should be used besides bacon fat!), but after it’s in the pan, put a lid on it for 3 minutes, exactly.  Viola!  Done.  No flipping.  Perfect over easy eggs.

Head on over to Shannon’s for more tips on OTHER more important tips!


  1. Wow…now I can cook for my step-dad! He loves them over easy, and I’ve always been a flipper — with success only about 50% of the time. :o)

  2. How do you keep the bottom from getting all brown and crispy when you do this? I really need to try it, I have a pretty good flipping rate but 100% would be sweet. 🙂

  3. GiGi, this is good information! Of course it will require me to find a frying pan around here somewhere, but when I do….get ready!

    Thanks for the good wishes for sale day–first day down and it went splendidly! I almost have enough for a mattress for Cody, yet I did take my friend to lunch after her Dr. appt. So….need to make up lost ground; but it’s Velma, she’s worth it! xoxo ~Gidget

  4. Awesome info. I have a boy that will only eat his eggs this way, and Dad is the only one that can do it. I will give it a shot!!

    Thanks for the comment, My silpada party went Great! Better than I hoped!

  5. I’ve never heard of making over-easy eggs by flipping them- I’ve always used the lid technique! I also always add a little bit of water before I put the lid on- probably about a tablespoon or so, to help create more steam and help them cook faster. Although, I’ve never tried it without adding water so I can only assume it’s faster… 🙂

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