Hair, there, everywhere

May 1, 2007

I’ve had it with my hair!!!

Recently I’ve gotten a new ‘do and I LOVE IT.  My new hair-chic rocks!  (She has white hair with lime green tips!)  She gave me a cut that looks great and I can ACTUALLY fix it myself!  That is a miracle, ya’ll! 

My problem is not with my cut, but my color.  Due to my back to back surgeries in 2005 (henceforth referred to as the Hell of ’05), my hair kind of got shocked.  My doctors told me that having surgeries too close together can do that to people.  Oh great joy to all people.

I was already doomed to have grey hair thanks to my generous father.  By my age he was more white than black (haired, ya’ll….stay with me).  But now, due to the surgeries, I have more grey hair than my MIL and mother.  It’s so very painful.

This past year I have been dying my hair auburn just because I could do it from home very easily.  Lately I’ve noticed that this particular dye is no longer holding on to my persistent, annoying grey hair.  Time for a new ‘do.  On Wednesday I’m gettin’ streaked.  It’s been so long since I’ve had blond in my hair…I feel spunky just thinking about it!  I refuse to deal with the idea of how I’m going pay for the upkeep of this new look.  I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.  I’m real good at denial…

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