Mother Day Contests!!!!

May 2, 2007


5 minutes for mom is hosting a HUGE contest(s) for Mother’s Day.  Be sure to check in over there from now till May 13th.  The first contest is for an Apple Ipod Nano WITH (key word here) chocolates!!!  It’s a package deal!

Go win!  (Ok..if you win the chocolates you MUST share!)



  1. Gigi, I’ll try to save you chocolate; will it matter if I’ve bitten off your piece just a little?


  2. did someone say Chocolate? I am so there!!!

  3. Gigi, we cannot let Cat win this, she wouldn’t share like we would! You made my post yesterday, if you didn’t read about the tankinis, I think you should be aware of them…you’ll need one. Hope you have a blessed weekend, my friend. ~Gidget

  4. Yes, sigh, I probably am nuts! A little. But you’re liking the tankini idea, you know you are! ~Gidget

  5. Okay first let me say, Gidget is NUTS!

    secondly GiGi, I am doing fine, thank you for asking!
    and thank you for praying for Heather! I have faith she is going to be just fine, and so far all is going Great!

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