May 7, 2007

Tales from the Scales

That being said…I’m joining a blogging diet thing. (slapping head, rolling eyes).  {…Oiy…}  I don’t need to “diet”… I just need to change my intake and tone up.  That is like SO different from dieting!  As if….

My hubby is actually going to do this with me.  Like some pastors he has noticed a ‘pulpit bumper’ forming at his midsection. 

I’m actually looking forward to the blogging accountability.  Not sure if it will work for me but definitely willing to find out.

Here’s what I need to work on:
1.  Lose 15 lbs.
2.  Tone up (a lot!)
3.  Eat healthier food (lay off the fried chicken strips!!)
4.  Drink more water.

Our schedules are so wacked out, I’m worried about the days that we don’t have time for dinner (or breakfast) and always end up eating out.  I’m hoping by vocalizing that, it will keep it in the light so I don’t “hide” it right in the middle of all this.

This challenge is from May 8th – September 18th.  Surely I’ll be able to pick up SOME good habits during all this.

Besides, it looks like I’m going to have some tankini issues to deal with in my near future!



  1. Tankinis…LOL yes you will girl. Matching ones at that! Whaaahaahaa.

    This really sounds great, I should look into something like this. I need the accountability part of it.

    Good Luck Girl!

  2. We sound a tad alike there, except my pastor hubby was the one to start the weight loss/exercise/eating salad once a day thingy. (And I must say he looks good!)

    I’m doing the weight loss challenge, too. My goal is 12 pounds. My dream goal/I-can’t-believe-I-did-this goal is 17.

    Have you heard of Denise Austin’s book Hit the Spot? She gives exercises for each part of the body. I built my own 25 minute upper body routine and looked totally different in 3 weeks. Got to get back into that, too!

  3. It’s great that your hubby is joining you in this endeavor! It will be much easier that way.


  4. Well I guess NOW I’m going to have to go down to the resistance machine—I cannot have you looking amazing and me looking not amazing. Okay there isn’t enough time for me to look not amazing….but I can work with what I have, lol! ~Gidget

  5. Good luck with this endeavor…it’s great that your hubby is joining in that will help allot!

  6. Nope, this won’t be fun at all, but we can do it! I’m looking forward to doing this “together”.
    (I loved the “pulpit bumper” description. I can’t wait to tell my preacher husband1)

  7. […] up on some blog reading and getting a kick out of what other mothers have had to say about this Weight Challange.  Most of it was pretty dang […]

  8. Okay, so not only am I fat, I’m a total goober, ’cause I somehow thought the NEXT post was your May Challenge post and put my GOOD LUCK! BEST WISHES! there….sigh. Oh well…GOOD LUCK! BEST WISHES!

  9. Hey! I joined in on the challenge, too! So, blessings to you in this endeavor! ;o)

    PS… Don’t by any chance wanna help me figure out how to get those pics into the sidebar, do you? Please? (if you have time to email me…) I’m a newbie to WordPress… 😕

    Literary Miz

  10. I hope your week is going well! How exciting to be on this journey together!

    (my favorites: chicken strips.) YUM!

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