Too pretty to fight

May 9, 2007

I was playing with Gremlin (my 3 YO) on the floor this morning.  We were building a battlefield with Lincoln Logs and having a blast (I thought!).  After we each had built our own battle forts and cannons I sat there feeling rather good about my “equipment”.  I could SO destroy his fort!

I was so busy feeling good about my work, that I didn’t realize Gremlin’s face.

“Uhm, mom?”

“Yeah?  Ready to be destroyed Sargent Gremlin?!”

“You’re set up all wrong.”


“You have no support for your flanks.  You’ll be creamed!”

I was speechless.  I don’t know if I was more disturbed by the fact that a 3 YO knew about battle strategies or that he didn’t approve of my creation!  He must of noticed my look of defeat cause he patted me on the leg and said, “That’s ok mom…you’re just too busy being pretty to worry about battles and things.”

Three years old and he’s already learned how to work a woman!  That’s my boy….



  1. Oh GiGi I sure would make certain that darling little boy got some pie tonight! That’s about the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day long. And so far, it’s been a long one, lol. Now I am certain the name we gave you, GiGi, truly fits its owner.

    Jack the cat is actually yawning, but it’s funner for people to think this little tiny kitty is growling at me, lol. He’s a sweet sweet little boy, our Jack-O-Lantern is. ~xoxo Gidget

  2. Oh my gosh…..what a cutie! He’s learning early how to be charming!

  3. Oh.How.Sweet.

    So did you remember that comment the rest of the day when he would drive you insane over something? 🙂

  4. Oh good gravy, you’ve got a live one on your hands! Start praying over his wife now! What a cutie pie.

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