WFMW – Miracle Salve

May 9, 2007


With summer coming on I must share my “Summer Secret”. 

We camp a lot and swim a lot.  And I have learned a little about ‘cause and effect’, so I’ve started carrying a bottle of Burn Jel with me.  This stuff rocks!  See?….

Cause:  trying to pick up rocks that are in the fire pit
Effect:  a screaming maniac

Cause: telling your child (or HUSBAND!) to put on sunscreen oh…50 trabillion times and hearing, “I’m aiight”
Effect: a screaming maniac with 3rd degree burns

See the intelligence that runs in our family?

This stuff has been used by EMT’s across the US for years.  We first ran into it at my hubby’s office, in their first aid kit.  This stuff is amazing.

Ya’ll (since I haven’t gone on and on about this stuff enough)…I was frying up some pappadums (Indian cracker thingys) and some water got into the oil.  A lot of popping incurred and low and behold I’m holding HOT-HOT (since I can’t vocalize, that means WAY more than just normal old hot) oil in the palm of my hand.  Being the smart woman that I am, it took me about a minute (or so it felt like) to realize it was my palm that was frying to a crisp.  I immediately screamed like a maniac (it’s that intelligence thing again!) and quickly slathered on some Burn Jel.  Not only did it immediately take away the pain, but I didn’t even have a red mark.  Cool stuff, guys. (pun intended for those of you awake)

That’s what WAY works for me this summer.  As always, head on over Shannon’s for some more tips.


One comment

  1. That is SO SO SOOOOO good to know! I went to the website and it said you can get it at CVS. I’m so there…thanks for sharing this with us! This might just be the best tip I’ve read in a looong time. I am burn-prone, as is the rest of my family.

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