Contest happy

May 10, 2007

One thing that is great about being a part of this whole Mommy Blogging thing is that when Mother’s Day comes around, there are contests GALORE!!! 

I haven’t won one yet!  I’m the ever positive player (or on the half-empty side, I’m a sad sap that won’t leave these people alone!!).

Lessons from the laundry is having a contest for a basket (a BIG basket) of goodies for a mommy to pamper herself with.  It looks like SO MUCH FUN!  And there’s chocolate in the basket too!!!!

All you have to do is comment and mention it on your blog to sign up for it.  You should go check it out.  Someone HAS to win.  And that way I’m not the only sad sap signing up for all these contests!  (Ok, me and about 450 other sad saps!!!)

The word FREE is an amazingly powerful word….



  1. No, GiGi–you’re the only one; the other 450 are just the “fake” names we made up so you’d believe it enough to keep trying!!!!

    Love your comment for today girlfriend, you got a giggle out of me 🙂 xoxo ~Gidget

    PS what does June 14/15 look like or 15/16? Is this good spalunking (sp?) time? I’m going to get me a stalagtite (upper, holds tight) or a stlagmite (lower and rises mightily)! Someone had to stay awake that day in class and answer questions, it was my turn.

  2. Oops–I nearly forgot–I’m having a contest over at JameeForever. If you send $10.00 and a postage paid envelope made of vintage tea towels and filled with chocolate, I’ll enter you personally. (teehe)

  3. I commented there, but to be perfectly honest. I don’t know what to do! so I guess I won’t win. Oh well, story of my life. LOL
    Hope you win at least, so you can bring that stuff with you on our Cave trip!

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