We interrupt this blog for a God moment

May 15, 2007

Most people that know me will tell you that I don’t normally have discussions about 3 things:  money, politics and religion.  People just get too worked up; whether they’re right or wrong.  Today I’m making an exception on the religion one because I can.  Something about free speech in America and all that jazz.

Lately I’ve been reading a book by Phillip Yancey called Disappointment with God: Three questions no one asks aloud.  The questions are – Is God unfair, is God silent, and is God hidden.  Now I’ve actually read books that “sort of” touch on those 3 questions, but never written in this way.  It’s really been mind and heart changing.  I have a hard time believing anyone that hasn’t ever found themselves losing faith or hope during times of pain.  If that is truly the case, then buddy, I feel bad for you!  I believe it must be like getting chicken pox.  The older you are when you encounter it, the worse off it is.  I’d rather come across this loss at an earlier time and work through it step by step.  This means doing whatever step you can where ever you are right then.  Sometimes that means yelling at God telling him how hacked off you are at him that day.  Later down the road it might mean telling God that you’re willing to work through it but just not sure how.  Maybe a Scripture helps you hold on to your goal.  Or maybe a song.

For years I have hidden one of my great joys because it’s just not typical for someone like me and the circle of space I’ve created around me.  I’m suppose to be on the cutting edge of everything that’s cool (yeah…sure…just don’t ask me to describe what that would be!)  Then I felt a little guilty so I shared it with a few friends.  They thought it was a little goofy but didn’t excommunicate me.  So…want in on the secret?  Too bad…you have to hear anyway!  I adore Gospel music.  You know…like the songs they sing on the Gaither Homecoming meetings.  I was raised on those songs and it just fills my heart and soul like no other thing.  I rocked my oldest son to sleep every day and night to those songs.  You want to see my PMS and over-all cranky attitude melt into puddles of tears?  Just let me hear any congregation sing “Amazing Grace” acapella.  Or better yet, David Phelps singing “It is well with my soul”.   I am completely convinced that when I get to heaven some of the people that will be leading the choir will be David, Rich Mullins, and Marc Powell.

I pray that the Lord will keep bringing to my mind these hope-binding songs when I find myself in a place again asking, “God where are you?  Why can’t I hear you?”



  1. Not bad, I do prefer Amazing Grace. My favourite band though is Delirous? who have done some amazing worship songs. I’m more of a rock fan than harmonies, so absolutely loved the version of “Lord be my vision” that we had at our wedding (it was Lord be our rocking vision really). It had such a strong powerful beat, it really made you FEEL the emotion from the song – FANTASTIC!

  2. Well, actually, I’m right there with you on the Gospel…I even like the OOOOOLD hymns. I tagged you on my last post…you don’t have to play along though, if you don’t want to, ’cause it’s a wierd meme.

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