May 16, 2007

I am ALMOST speechless!  I woke up this morning just barely dragging my tired butt out of bed.  I always turn on my computer as I head to the kitchen, when my eyes caught THIS!!!

The endorphines running through my body is almost overwhelming!  Tintin!!!  My childhood hero is coming to America!  Oh I really hope it goes over well here.  I so don’t want to be disappointed.  Ya’ll they’re great characters and I’m just telling you now.  When it gets close to viewing time, that’s pretty much all I’ll be talking about.

On a side note:  Mr. Spielberg?  If you need anyone to help you with this WONDERFUL endeavor I will be more than willing to give up of my personal time to assist you in ANY way!  Because I’m sure NO ONE knows Tintin and his friends better than me!

Ok, I’m done.  Gee, I don’t even think I’ll need my coffee this morning….BAH-HAAAAAH!  Yeah, right!


One comment

  1. I remember watching a TinTin show. I have no idea where or when though. will be interesting to see how they pull it off!

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