Deadly Meme

May 16, 2007

Karen was OH SO kind enough to tag me for a very deadly meme.  I’m not quite sure what to write as everyone knows that pastor’s wives don’t have any of the 7 deadly sins…as if!

 {…was that lightning?…}

7 deadly sins of Jen/GiGi:

1. L*ust – I, like Karen, have a thing for my husband.  Shocker!  That man can wear jeans like No. Body.  I l*ust his Irish/Danish booty!

2. Gluttony – With my Indian background, I have a deep, passion for food that is rich with flavor.  Thai, Moroccan, and Indian foods fall into this catagory.  The fresh foods used aren’t bad for the body, but there are A LOT of carbs involved.  I justify most of it, by telling myself that the spicy-heat burns the calories/carbs before they settle in!

3. Greed – I have a tendency of being greedy with my computer time.  I could sit in front of my laptop for 8-10 hours a day easily.  I have to really discipline myself in this area. (“Kids? What kids?”)

4. Sloth – Housework does not offer the instant gratification that I so greatly desire.

5. Wrath – I have great anger towards people who manipulate.  I haven’t been able to conquer the ability of biting my tongue when I see it happening to other people, either.

6. Envy – I am envious of people who have the ability to have the time to do what they love.  If I had the time I would be a hard-core flower gardener and a part-time chef…and then spend 10 hours in front of the computer!

7. Pride – Sometimes I can come across as prideful.  It’s really a defense mechanism to cover something else going on in my life.

Ok…that wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be!  Now I’m tagging:

Cat – It’s Cat’s Life
Stacey – JameeForever
Charmed – The Pantyless Preacher’s Wife

I don’t think you guys have done this yet, so I’m tagging you….



  1. Interesting post……it’s amazing what you can learn from these kinds of posts….LOL!

  2. I just caught that–you remembered Jack Jack! Very impressive, Gigi

  3. Great Post, Oh no you tagged me? now I gotta think….

    will do it soon!

    Have a great day!

  4. My list is done, I think I need professional help now…. 😉

  5. Okay, just when I thought my Friday post was done—but oh well, this is fun stuff! I’ll get right on that. Smooches–and what about that date I threw you for cave exploration? xo

  6. Thanks for playing…I really hesitated before even doing the meme myself, you can probably guess WHY…so I just HAD to make myself feel better and tag YOU for it! 🙂

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