WFMW – Rewarding children

May 16, 2007


This is more of a plead than anything else, but it definitely would work for me if teachers would follow through with rewarding children.

OldMan has been having anger issues at school.  He has been disciplined over and over.  A few weeks ago he did horrible with a substitute teacher and was reamed over the coals by his teacher when she returned. 

Two days ago, OldMan had another sub and he did great!  He said that she made it easy to want to do good and the sub told him she would make sure to tell the teacher how good he was.  The kid beamed all evening, because he said that his teacher rewards kids who do better with their attitudes if they normally have problems.  Yesterday morning he was talking 90 to nothing all the way to school about how proud his teacher would be and getting rewarded for it.  I wanted to warn him about setting his hopes too high (because of the example she has already set with me), but also didn’t want to poo-poo on his parade.

The moment I picked him up from school, I knew it.  Of course he wouldn’t talk about it, but by bedtime last night he burst into tears and said, the teacher said in passing she was proud of him and then didn’t say another word…no reward, no excitement.  His heart was broken.  I wanted to throttle her.  You MUST reward kids even if it’s for something that should be a given.  I already know what kind of day he’s going to have today and I dread it for him.  I want to protect him, but life is just going to be that way.  I did tell him that his dad and I DO reward good behavior and rewarded him accordingly, because he did what WE asked him to do.

A weird WFMW for me, but head on over to Shannon’s for more.



  1. I think we need to talk. My son has had behavior problems at home and school. Ideas? He’s in first grade, youngest in his class, but really academically bright.

  2. Okay, first things first, this is indeed Miss GiGi, our foofy girl kitty–she walks around with her tail in the air and looks like an extra fluffy skunk! I’ll have to find a new picture, she’s almost a year now and she is BEAUTIFUL (like you, I’m sure).

    As far as your son, how old is Old Man? You read my post where I’m pulling my 10 year old out and homeschooling him? Just a thought, my friend; it’s not for everyone but in our case, this is. xoxo

  3. My son had LOTS and LOTS of problems, at home and at school. We tried lots of stuff, from Dobson to the Pearls and back again. My other kids were nothing like him – all of those techniques worked on them!
    A book that finally helped us was “Transforming the Difficult Child, The Nurtured Heart approach”. It contains a behavior modification program with rewards etc. in it.

    Mama Says

  4. No words of wisdom from me, but, oh, this was a hard story to read. Poor guy!

  5. aww poor guy! have you tried talking to his teacher about it?

  6. Aww poor lil guy. I agree, I would mention to the teacher how this effected him. try and work something out with her. I know positive rewards go a long way with children. I hope he keeps up the good work, I am sure he will with you rewarding him.

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