Some more inside views…

May 17, 2007

I want peace and quiet.  I want to be happy in whatever state I’m in.  I want to be sincere.

I think about my middle brother a lot.  I think I snap at the kids too quickly. I think I try to please people too much.

I need a good restful nights sleep.  I need to refill my synthroid(!)

I regret snaping at the boys too much.  I regret the times that I don’t say something because of fear of judgement.  I regret the times that I do say something when silence would have so much better.

I dream about a friends pregnancy all the time…it exhausts me!  I dream that the boys will grow up to be stable, fun-loving and God fearing men/warriors.  I dream of a day when…..

I love watching my hubby play videogames.  I love listening to him preach.  I love when my boys laugh sincere, belly-grabbing laughs.  I love watching a child have an A-ha moment during a life’s lesson.

I hate a lot of my childhood.  I hate what fear does to people.  I hate getting in the way of who God wants me to be.

I like teasing my husband.  I like drinking sweet tea while the boys are playing outside.  I like having the whole bed to myself…sometimes.  I like my Monday’s with my mum.

I dread losing the mommy connection with my sons.  I dread passing down fears and worries to my kids.  I dread conversations that have anything to do with religion, politics and money.

I need to learn to relax more and worry less.  I need to remember how to laugh at people’s quirks (as well as my own).  I need to spend more time with Hulkman (brother with Down Syndrome)…he makes me laugh.

Idea from unretouchedphoto.com


  1. Gigi, friend, that was good stuff and I’m totally intrigued by who you are now. Synthroid–I love that stuff (Levoxyl).

    Scum bags? Why Miss Gigi, it’s been a long while since I’ve been called one of those, LOL!! If twere not for your sale, I’d encourage you to drive up here for said BBQ followed by a wonderful time at church followed by a trip Monday to Savannah. Oh, stop in St. Joseph for Dunkin Donuts, of course. Alright, now I need to go back to my homework (my seven) and think. xoxo ~Gidget

    PS–Cat doesn’t think, don’t believe her, she’s been pumping me for answers all evening long; don’t worry, I won’t help her.

  2. Wow Jen (GiGi) you and I have some of the same worries. I think I do that too much also!
    I also think I get on my boys way too much.

    your a great mom, person, and friend.

    Take care!

  3. GiGi–how’d the sale go? We think you should have scrapped it and laid in the sun with us! Soon–very very soon….during the week the week after FD??

    And no matter what Cat says, I KNOW all about stalagtites and mites–not from the commercial–I really DID pay attention in class. I think those who don’t believe are those who didn’t pay attention in class themselves, wouldn’t you agree? xoxo Gidget

  4. Stacey, HUH? lol

    GiGi, don’t listen to her, she is just upset at me for teasing her! She really did LISTEN in class and was the smart kid we all wanted to copy off of. lol

    Hope your sale went well!! would of loved to have you at the Bar B-Q!

  5. […] Sunday was a typical Sunday….busy, busy, busy.  Our small group had a potluck grill out dinner which was so much fun.  I LOVE the people in my small group and feel very comfortable being myself with them (much to their chagrin).  I have a HORRIBLE problem with sticking my foot in my mouth with this one gal.  I truly don’t mean to, but it just comes out wrong.  That night she was wearing some cool Greek-looking sandals.  The kind that has a separate piece of leather that goes just around the big toe.  I told her, “I love those sandals, they’re so cute. {…pause…}  But man you’d have to have man-toes to wear ‘em!”  {SHUT UP…STOP TALKING!!!}  Too late.  See?  It sounded so mean, but you’d have to see what I was looking at.  The opennng for the big toe was so large compared to most toes and it swallowed her toe.  But the way I said it….well, you get it.  Needless to say, she immediately became, “Man Toe” and I was “Bumbling Idiot”.  I was able to explain myself at the end of the evening, but the damage was done and I once again, can prove that I need to learn to shut my mouth. […]

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