Gone but not out…

May 22, 2007

I feel like I haven’t been on the computer for weeks.  I’m practically going through withdrawals!!!  Here’s a few exciting highlights of what’s been going on…

Thursdays are my man’s day off so we worked our booties off getting ready for the garage sale….then when we couldn’t take it no more we loaded up the boys and went fishing.  Or in all honesty, the boys fished and I watched.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m a rockin’ fisher(wo)men!  Everytime I go fishing with my man I always limit out first and catch the biggest.  I’m the queen of trout.  On Thursday I just didn’t feel like showing off.  You know.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and theraputic.  There’s something about squeezing a worm on a hook and handling bloody fish that keeps the savage beast in my man at bay.  Weird, but whatever works.

Friday we were at the church most of the day getting ready for our newcomers dinner.  I usually have a love/hate thing with these dinners.  I love them because it’s a great chance to get to know the new people attending the church whereas I normally wouldn’t be able to do it due to the size of the church.  I hate it because we bring in a clean improv group for entertainment and they usually do the same skits for every dinner.  Yet I feel like I should be the good host and laugh at it all as if I’ve never heard it before. (Yes, it’s improv, but the basis of the skits are the same).  HOWEVER, this time, I had a blast!  Either they spiked the iced tea or it was extra funny this time around!  I laughed so hard the muscles behind my ears ached all weekend!  It was great stuff.

Saturday was the garage sale.  It went ok.  It was a neighborhood garage sale so I didn’t have to mess with advertisement, but I was the only house participating down my cul-de-sac.  I was able to get rid of most of what we needed to so I was happy with that.  (BTW…on the way to taking the tables back to the church our transmission died in the van.  I hate sharing cars with my husband.  ‘Nuff said.)

Sunday was a typical Sunday….busy, busy, busy.  Our small group had a potluck grill out dinner which was so much fun.  I LOVE the people in my small group and feel very comfortable being myself with them (much to their chagrin).  I have a HORRIBLE problem with sticking my foot in my mouth with this one gal.  I truly don’t mean to, but it just comes out wrong.  That night she was wearing some cool Greek-looking sandals.  The kind that has a separate piece of leather that goes just around the big toe.  I told her, “I love those sandals, they’re so cute. {…pause…}  But man you’d have to have man-toes to wear ’em!”  {SHUT UP…STOP TALKING!!!}  Too late.  See?  It sounded so mean, but you’d have to see what I was looking at.  The opennng for the big toe was so large compared to most toes and it swallowed her toe.  But the way I said it….well, you get it.  Needless to say, she immediately became, “Man Toe” and I was “Bumbling Idiot”.  I was able to explain myself at the end of the evening, but the damage was done and I once again, can prove that I need to learn to shut my mouth.

Monday I realized I needed to run far, far away so I drove 7 minutes down the road to my Mum’s and hid out there the rest of the day.

And here I am Tuesday ready to take on whatever the week wants to try to throw me.  Period.  End of dramatic story.  For now.


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing day of fishing to me! I love to fish, only I prefer to be on a boat, sunning durring it. LOL
    ROFL about the Man Toe slip. that is too funny. I hope she didn’t take offense.

    I think you will fit right in with Gidget and I. we both tend to put our foots in our mouths sometimes, and we just Laugh it off. (or at least I hope she does.)

  2. First–I don’t know what Cat is saying here–I NEVER speak out of turn….but I know Cat struggles with the F*I*M disease.

    Naw, GiGi, I’m the Queen of talk talk talk and never stop talking–it’s one of the things my sister Jamee found both endearing and horrifying at the same time. Gosh I could use her sometimes–she thumped me on the head when I needed it. You know, you could look at it as perhaps her toe was just soooo tiny that it made the strap look very large. But….maybe don’t relive it, lol.

    Ummm…I just saw you lost a pound, I’ll take two bites out of your chocolate, friend! xo

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