Bragging rights

May 23, 2007

When I started this blog I had great intentions of not mentioning the fact that I was a “pastor’s wife”…I hate titles.  And I definitely wasn’t going to mention the name of the church.  This blog is about me, not my church or my ever-growing titles/hats.

Who was I kidding?!

As much as I hate titles, I am a pastor’s wife.  Not THE pastor’s wife, but a pastor’s wife.  Thank, God.  I’m sure she hears way more than I hear and my portion is more than enough for me.

I’m proud of our church.  We attended NPC for 3 years before coming on staff.  Not to sound hokey, but it’s a church that’s realistic.  I grew up in church politics and it left a very bitter taste in my mouth.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s politics in every church, because it’s ran by people and people are not perfect.  They’re sinners like everyone else.  But I love the fact that you won’t really find too much fluff-n-stuff behind our doors.  We just want to bring people to a place where they’re ready for a life change.  Period.

So as you get to know me (and lately that’s been some scarey stuff!) please know that part of me is my love for my church and my love for being a part of something that’s crazy and wonderful. 

(Also, if you look in the right place you’ll see a picture of me and my man)….sigh…..


  1. Sounds like a church I could enjoy!!! I know I finally found one that I LOVE!
    I found your pic! You and Hubby are Adorable!

  2. Church politics – I know what you mean, love your openess. love always me

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