No fashion sense…

May 24, 2007


Now, before I get all kinds of hate comments, This post is not about Kate Middleton.  Her outfit is quite cute.  I chose this picture because it was the ONLY descent picture of someone wearing opaque black hose. You can imagine.

The other day I took Gremlin to yet another doctor.  He’s a pretty good sport by now.  He knows the routine which helps in the flow of things.  Well, with this visit, I thought we were going to have another “episode”.

See, Gremlin is known for being….well, a gremlin.  You just never know what he’ll say or do.  I usually break out into hives the night before going to a new doctor.  He just usually has something very interesting to say.  And when I say interesting, I mean near embarassing.  I usually end up having to do some quick covering up.  If truth be told I find his comments and observations down right hilarious, but some people don’t get it and aren’t sure what to do with what he says.  The doctor we were visiting this past trip was one of those people that just don’t have the time to laugh at anything.  No personality what-so-ever.  My pits started sweating immediately.

We were almost done.  She was writing some things up on in his chart, when I hear, “Psst, mom.  She’s a half and half doctor.”  I had NO idea what he was trying to say and didn’t care.  I just wanted to nip it in the bud before she asked him to repeat his comment.  I just smiled ever so sweetly and in a sing-songy voice said, “Mmmm-hum.  Now be quiet just a moment longer, sweety.”  At that moment, an angel of mercy came down and clamped his mouth shut because he actually obeyed me….and Lord knows, it would take the hand of God to make that happen!

We made it out of the office without too much a-do.  Once we got in the car, my curiosity couldn’t take it any longer.  I asked him what he meant by “a half and half doctor”?  He said, (and I’m quoting this) “Didn’t you see her, Mom?  She had black legs and a white face.”  I lost it.  I outright lost it.

The boy has never seen black pantyhose!!  I don’t wear pantyhose and everyone at church dresses down, so he’s never seen any there either.  Hence, the photo of Kate to give visual assistance.

When we got home I dug deep into the back of my dresser and found a pair of hose and showed it to him and explained pantyhose to my 3-YO son.  He listened very intently and then asked why girls wear them.

I have absolutely no idea, honey.



  1. Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud. This is something that #2 would say, for sure. I don’t do pantyhose either, and he would have no clue that black ones existed.

  2. Gigi, I’m cracking up! Do you just LOVE it or what! You ought to submit that to Reader’s Digest–it’s quite good! Hope your weekend (long, yeah!) is blessed all the way. xo Gidget

  3. LOL that is too cute! don’t kids just make your day with their innocent thoughts?

    Have an awesome weekend GiGi!

  4. GiGi–I have GOT to meet you–I have met my witty witty match, lol!! xo Gidget

  5. Ditto that! Nylons are evil!

    I don’t think I’ve worn black nylons in almost a decade!

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