Slave driver mom

May 28, 2007

I’ve been having lengthy conversations with my oldest son, OldMan, about his upcoming summer chores.  I believe, that at 7-YO he’s more than old enough to start doing daily chores.  Why I was washing dishes every other week by the age of 5!  Right now he only has to keep his room clean, clothes put away, and put his dishes up after dinner.  

This made me think of a post my mum did earlier this year about a 10-YO girl.  She was a southern girl who wrote the following in 1904:

“Gardening: You start in the front with parsley and lettuce and onions and radishes. Get a long string and two sticks and keep your lines straight. Then comes the beets, and the carrots and the peas and the bunch beans. The potatoes are over in a field by themsleves. Then comes the asparagus, and the celery and last of all the pole beans, and the butter beans and the sweet corn. Then you bound your garden on the north and the east with cantalopes and on the south and the west with watermelons. Then you plant sunflowers and hollyhocks in the back corners. Then you pray for the rain to come and if too much comes, you pray for it to stop. It keeps you busy all summer praying and hoeing.” Virginia Cary Hudson, 1904

I don’t know about you but I’m think there aren’t many adults that know that kind of information, let alone a 10-YO girl!  She’s got some great gardening ideas, huh?

I probably won’t have OldMan providing dinner for us (I’m too greedy over my plants) anytime soon, but he’ll definitely be pulling his weight starting tomorrow!  Mwaaahhhaaa!


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  1. Woah! I kid you not I was just telling John that Alex, my 10-YO son, needs to be doing more here, not because it needs to be done (okay, it does) but because by gosh it’s time he learned the rewards of doing something for others! xo Gidget

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