Drunk toddlers!

May 30, 2007

Ok…apparently this is the day for redirecting links.  Sorry about that.  I have one more link that I think ALL parents should know about.  It on Snopes, so that’s like the internet Bible of truth, right??

Check this out about hand sanitizers.  I don’t think we need to go over board, but we should definitely be in the know.  I, personally, was blown away.



  1. Oh wow, thanks for linking that. that is WILD. I would of never thought that.

  2. I’ll check into that next….but had to comment on your title–Drunk Toddlers? It’s a terrible thing, this stuff we didn’t know about, but I think they may be onto something for us mommies, don’t you agree? xo Gidget

  3. uh…yah…you don’t have typing and shorthand medals? heehee…I know I’m a loser, capital L! My girlfriends have gymnastics and basketball medals…me, State Typing. So tell me what you do from home that you may go back to….is this even nearly as exciting as my data entry job? (love ya right back, btw)….Gidge

  4. […] 20th, 2007 by Girl Gone Wild Awhile back I wrote a post about drunk toddlers.  Remember the whole deal about kids eating/licking the hand sanitizers and becoming […]

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