Letter from military son

June 1, 2007

Yesterday I went out to get the mail and there was only one piece.  I’m not sure how it worked out but there was not a single piece of crappy mail in the box.  There was just one little envelope with no stamp marked, “to mom from OldMan” (Thank you mailman for not raining on my son’s parade, by hauling this gift off….even though the speed you normally take around our cul-de-sac WHILE the boys are riding their bikes makes me want to throw my coffee cup at your little lumpy apple head!)

The card inside read:

“Mom I am going to be in the miluterey wen I gro up.  I will be riting to you.  I hop you  are going to be proud.  Love, OldMan”

I felt several different emotions all at once.  First, I was thrilled that I got my first letter from one of my children.  And even though his handwriting is atrocious and his spelling is oh so 1st grad-ish…that’s my boy, ya’ll!  Then it hit me, “Oh dear Lord, don’t let my boy go into the ‘miluterey’!”  I’m not about to get into the whole topic of whether the war is right or wrong.  This is just a momma that realizes how fast 7 years has flown by and knows that he’ll be 18 in what feels like 2 months!  I would feel proud of him no matter what he did, but the thought of him leaving my side to fight a war is just too much.

(Although on a side note, knowing OldMan he won’t get hurt by a bullet or bomb.  He’d get hurt tripping over something while he was staring at some weird phenomenon in the sky.)

To all you momma’s (and daddy’s) out there with children in the military, I have been praying something fierce for you.  I compare it to how my maternel grandmother must have felt the first time her daughter, husband and kids sold all they had and flew over to India cause the Lord said to.  I think if I was her I would have a few things to say to God about all that.  And it would’ve been quite colorful.


  1. Gigi–was this your parents who went to India? If it is, you HAVE to share your story! Wow! Sometimes I am certain God tells John and I we are not doing what we’re supposed to do and I am too chicken to do anything with that….that was a leap of faith!

    Ummm…yah, I think your job is very cool….what got you into this? Are you a computer geek, is this your training, what? I didn’t even know there was such a job, how cool. Of course, clearly not as cool as entering people to win a shopping spree, such as my ever-so-technical job entails, LOL. Happy weekend, Gigi girl. ~Gidget

  2. Gigi-hysterically laughing here–when EVER have you have monkey poop thown at you? This is a need to know quesion. xo

  3. My 17yo son told me he finally decided what he wanted to do: join the Army!

    My responses
    #1 THE ARMY – are you NUTS? BOTH of your parents were in the Air Force!!!!!
    #2 THE ARMY – are you NUTS? They’d immediately send you to Iraq!
    #3 (And this one hurt!) “I’m sorry, honey. Having cystic fibrosis disqualifies you for military service.” I honestly wish I could have taken him to a recruiting station. It’s the first time we ever had to say he couldn’t do something because of his disease. 😦

    Tell your son to join the Intel service of the Air Force if you want him to stay out of danger and he insists on going in. With Intel, they get you out of danger fast so the enemy can’t torture you to get classified info. 😉

  4. My son2 told us last year he wants to join the Marines. The Marines. Couldn’t he join the Navy, Air Force maybe, his dad was in the AF…. But NOOOO he wants Marines, and he’s shooting for special forces….. yeah, my son the over achiever. Not that I’m not proud, cause I am, just war scares me.

  5. My kids both have been talking about going into the military….my son wants to fly fighter jets….Cassandra just wants to go to compete with her brother I think but it still is a bit of a scarey thought for this mother…..but I am learning to allow them to have their dreams…..and let God handle the tough stuff….
    Cute story….

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