Throwback Thursday

June 7, 2007

The ladies over at Pinks & Blues have been doing this Throwback Thursday thing with old photos.  They’re hilarious!  Thought I’d jump on this band wagon, since I missed WFMW yesterday.

I was about 8 and as you can see, I was losing a battle with the chicken pox.  I was miserable!  My grandparents were visting from California yet I couldn’t do anything fun with them because of this curs-ed “thang”.  Only my Holly Hobby pillow could comfort me as I lay on our orange velour couch and ran my feet through our turquiose shag carpet.  I’m smirking a bit because I was being told that within a week all these spots would be gone.

Yeah, until I’m 12, then I’ll have to deal with spots that were more evil than itchy pox!



  1. Oh Gi, you’re adorable. I love it! And know what? I had a Holly Hobby sheet set, we had turquoise, orange and green shag carpets and our velour couch was……..gold! xo

  2. you think chicken pox was bad when you were young. Not only did I have chicken pox, just last year I got shingles. THAT HURT!

  3. And GiGi, stay away from my Coffee Chic–she can’t supply the world, so I’m keeping her all to myself!!! I have two candybars left….what to do what to do….xo

    PS–as June gets away from us, what is July looking like now? August? A fall trip to the cave? What’d you have in mind??

  4. Awww you were so cute! I remember my chicken pox days, thank goodness my mom didn’t take pictures!!! lol

    I used to do a Way back Wednesday photo share. I loved all the old photos, I just might have to check this one out!

    yes, we need to figure out a date for the Cave later! You gals just let me know when, I will make it happen.

    GiGi, I think Gidg needs to Share her 2 candybars she has left with us. what do you think?

  5. Gigi, I am on the road, far away with my candy, you cannot find me, so do NOT try, no matter what Cat tries to cook up. She lies, she doesn’t know how to get to my house, so do not follow!!! xoxo muahhh!!!

  6. Oh now that is classic! Just classic! It literallt brought me back to the summer of ’87 when I was cursed with the Chicken Pox! So glad you stopped by Pinks & Blues… love your blog too! Definitely will be a regular!
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  7. Thanks GiGi–I sooo adore you. It’s definitely an odd predicament I find myself in here, so I need to tread this water lightly! Cat and I are cleaning our church kitchen tonight–if you wanna come up, what fun we could have….oh and Pippi will be there too (she has red hair!). xoxo Gidget

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