Top 10 search engine terms

June 8, 2007

Some of the words that people write in their search engine and end up at my blog slay me.

10. gril; gone; wild (watch out…Weber’s got a killer cooker!)

9. garl gone wild (as in gnarl gone wild?? or are 1st graders surfing where they shouldn’t?!)

8. I have no fashion sense  (I can’t remember if I actually wrote this, but it’s pretty accurate.)

7. caught my son wearing my pantyhose (I’m not even touching this one!)

6. where is the stomach virus going around (Are you kidding?  If someone knew that they’d win the million dollar Dewey button.  However, I can tell you right now it’s just leaving Missouri!)

5. wild girls winnie the poo (WAY opposites there, buddy!)

4. scarey skits for kids (what the hey-hoo!)

3. Bible characters gone wild (hee, hee…you can’t get much more radical and wild than Jesus, dude!)

2. wild girls getting hit from the back (what is wrong with you sick people!?)

1. fat girls with hiccups (why would anyone want to find something like that?  What does size have to do with hiccups?  Am I missing something??)

One comment

  1. I love it—so your son and pantyhose, that has to come from that doctor visit…right? Now I need to check mine out, this is a little disturbing. Moreso that you write the darndest things, Gigi….

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