Fun contest

June 12, 2007

Adventures in Babywearing is doing it again!  They’re having a contest for a $75 gift cert from MamaKanga.  I hadn’t heard of MamaKanga’s before this contest, but it’s an awesome site!  They sell Wraps, Ring-Slings, the cutest little tights for girls, etc., etc.  They just have some fun stuff.

I’m always looking for creative gifts and these products would definitely fit the bill for creative.  If I win, I’m looking at one of the wraps.  I hear the best reviews about those.

To get in on this contest you need to:

1.  Sign up on their (AIB) Linky.
2.  Post about it on your blog mentioning both Adventures in Babywearing and MamaKanga (by Friday!).
3.  Don’t forget to say what you’d get with the gift certificate.

Someone (beside’s Gidget! hee, hee) has GOT to win.  Maybe it’s my week this week!



  1. Gigi, that’s right, keep trying. And trying. And trying. It’s a gift I have, though, that winning-ness gift I seem to possess in my blogging world. You have it or you don’t. But I think you are like the little engine that could, you think you can you think you can….

    Naw, I’m kidding, I sincerely hope you win. And if the title, adventures in babywearing indicate one must be a mommy to youngsters, then I defer to you, girlfriend! xoxo

  2. Thanks for entering!!


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