My Great Camping Adventure

June 12, 2007

This past weekend we made a last minute decision to go camping.

{….pause for effect…}

Now that sentence all unto itself should tell you just how stupid that decision was!  I believe that you can be 90 years old and still learn things about life.  With that being said…here’s what I learned about camping:

  1. If a restaurant is named The Lazy B Ranch, they’re not naming it after a cute little country farm.  They’re describing their service.
  2. Raccoons snort like wild pigs when they are shoving 1.5 pounds of your very expensive, pistachio nuts down their throats.  In the middle of the night.  Two feet from your head.
  3. When raccoons eat 1.5 pounds of expensive pistachio nuts it gives them upset tummies and they get agitated.  I’m not sure what most agitated raccoons do to get over upset tummies, but the ones at my campsite kick, hit, stomp and pretty much mutilate the container the nuts came in. 
  4. Always check the weather report before you leave for a camping trip.  If they are predicting a flash flood for your area, you can pretty much bank on it.
  5. When you seam seal your tent, you should also seam seal the bottom of your tent….just in case.  
  6. A muddy, wet tent is a pain in the butt to pack away.
  7. Never catch the biggest fish when your hubby has had the crappiest camping trip ever.
  8. If you’re going to have the crappiest camping trip ever, make sure you do it with a husband who can crack up laughing when it’s all over and say, “Now THAT was some great memories!”

One comment

  1. […] where would you choose? Easy answer…camping by a creek with a great campfire. (…unless the raccoons are back…and have they caught that black bear yet?)  Nevermind…Local Hilton with the […]

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