WFMW – Courage

June 13, 2007


  I’m going non-tangible this week.

I know we all have those days where we’d rather cover our heads and act like the world doesn’t exist rather than face another day.  But unfortunately, our children, husbands, and life in itself just won’t allow it. (I’ve tried!)

I want to encourage you to have the “umph” to lift your head and eyes up.  Do you have the courage to tell your Heavenly Father, “God, I just can’t do this anymore.  I need you to not only take this pain from me, but I need you to replace it with strength.  I’m tired.  I’m frustrated.  Heck, I’m down right hacked off.  But I don’t have the time nor the energy to deal with it.”

I think sometimes we say/think the words, but don’t follow it up with actions.  We have this tug-a-war with our “issues”.  Guess what guys, God’s not going to fight you for your problems.  He wants you to give it to Him freely.  Do you have the courage and faith to do that?

This sound hokey, but there are days that I pray for the author of every blog that I come across.  I figure if I need that kind of prayer than they just might also.  So Ladies, I’m praying that today you will find the courage to pull yourself up by your big-girl pa*nties and be the woman that God intended you to be.

That’s an order.  And I hope that works for you today.


  1. LOL Thanks! Love the post. Appreciate the prayers!

  2. Very applicable to my week, Gigi, thanks for reminding me. I give it up to Him all the time…but then I take it back and end up even more “hacked” about it. If ever I read a post more relevant this week, I don’t remember it, so thanks Gi. I’m holding myself accountable and giving it up! xo ~gidget

  3. Yep, giving mine up this week also! this is such a very relevant post! we are all on the same page this week huh?

    Praying for us all to just give it all to him!



  4. Thanks for reading my mail today! Great word!

  5. Amen Sister!

  6. If you’re praying for the authors of the posts I’d love for you to visit my blog. Blessings on you and Hokey…I think not. Lift up your eyes…

  7. Yup. Definitely been having those kind of days lately. I love the prayer idea. Just prayed for you.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

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