Throwback Thursday – Disneyland

June 14, 2007





I went WAY back this week.  I believe I’m 4.  My (very cool looking) grandpa and I were watching the Disneyland Parade.  Do you see that I-knew-Cinderella-was-real look on my face??  (Sidenote:  can I have any more hair in my bangs?!?)

I absolutely love Throwback Thursday!  It’s so much fun digging up old photos and wondering why you never torched some of them.  Then you go see other people’s Throwback photo’s and realize it was an era of bad clothes, hair and everything else we touched!

Pinks and Blues Girls  is hosting this fun event… you should check out their photos!



  1. Aww what a cute you were/and still are I am sure!

    I will do this one when I get back to blogging. I have some old pics of me. I would LOVE to share. hehehehe

  2. oops I meant Cutie!!!

  3. You cannot help but look at this photo and smile! It is so incredibly cute! I love that look on your face… pure joy and awe! And yes, what a cool looking grandpa!

    Thanks so much for joining in on Throwback Thursday!!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  4. Very cool grandpa you got there 🙂

    Love the look on your face 🙂

  5. This pic is awesome!


  6. You are aDORable Gigi! I like the bangs, it adds a quality to this photo, don’t you agree? It’s a great pic and between you and me, pshh, I’d soo date your grandpa! (LOL just in case you’re gasping)

    Keep them coming and when I finally get photos, I will jump in! You aren’t dumb, btw, I’m dumb, I didn’t even know what a balloter WAS and I heard the word correctly…so no worries, you’re a notch over me in the smart lab!! Hmmm…what would a ball o ter do, that’d be fun to figure out. With Speedos all over the place and stuff, eh, better leave it. xoxo Gidge

  7. What a cute picture….it’s funny how the bang thing was in like that back then…..now to us it’s hideous…LOL!
    I wouldn’t want to dig up any of my kid pictures….my Mom made me get affrow style perms from the age of 5 and up until I had enough will to say NO MORE! Need I say more…..your picture is beautiful in comparison to what mine would be…

  8. Their plight (and darling Davey Jones, whom I would sooooo date as well) was on The Factor last night (Bill O’Reilley). I nearly spewed my coffee on my keypad as I typed diligently along to provide food for my family….this isn’t possible, The Monkees gave us laughter and joy. Now, it’s our turn to give back–you did click the RRHOF link and write to the President, right?

    It’s Friday…hip hip hooray….after I get my car back (FOUR new tires, groan) I need to get John a present from the kids. I’m thinking new BBQ grill tools and season five of Monk…what’re you doing??

    xo Gidge

  9. PS–I should say I would sooo date these old people were I NOT happily married. I am, really. I just would have dated them were I not. Better shut up now, huh.

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