Stinks to high heaven

June 15, 2007

Around here in the Ozarks there’s never enough odd nicknames.  I usually don’t give them a second thought until I hear a weird one.  This usually happens at WalMart.  On a Saturday night.

I was rounding the banana stand when I hear, “Stinky!  How many time d’I haf to tell ya to get that cotton-pickin’ finger out yer nose!”  I tried so hard to stiffle my chuckle, but failed miserably and was met with a stern, disapproving look from that mama.

I actually got scared for a second!  I thought she was going to start a throw down right there in the produce dept.  I had to think quick….what did I have in my purse that could save me?  I had a bottle of aspirin.  Wasn’t exactly strawberry meth, but it might work in a pinch.  Lucky for me Stinky decided he’d rather climb into the cantelope bin and go a’diggin’ than watch his mama beat up a Walmart shopper….again.  “Stinky!  I’ll whup ya boy!”

By the time I got back to the car I was chuckling again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the name Stinky.  That’s my uncle’s nickname.  Always has been.  Gee, can ya guess why??  Most of the kids in my dad’s family had weird nicknames.  My dad’s is Bysie ~ short for Bison, which originally was Pisan (an Italian word meaning little friend…I believe).  Another brother of his was called WAS.  Don’t ask.  My paternal grandmother was nicknamed Hanky cause she always carried one with her.

Then there’s those of us who don’t need a nickname:  My oldest brother’s real name came from the name of a robot on the Twilight Zone.  My other brother was named a nickname because they didn’t want him nicknamed.  I won’t say what it is, but it’s up there with Bubba.  Then I was named Jenny, not Jennifer so that I wouldn’t be nicknamed.  Everyone calls me Jen now.  (See mothers!  All those hours trying to pick the perfect name for nothing!)

I don’t really have a ‘set in stone’ nickname for my boys.  They don’t have the kind of names to do that.  Although, lately, Gremlin could easily be called Stinky…and it would SO fit.

Well, I’m off to do some last minute Fathers Day shopping with OldMan and Stinky Gremlin.  Whatever you guys end up doing this weekend, I hope you make it memorable! 



  1. Nicknames are so much fun! I changed schools my junior year in high school and there was this girl named Pookie. It was her nickname, but that’s what everyone called her. It was so strange to me at first, but by the end of the year, it was just “her name” to me. I saw her a few years back and was like, “Hi Pookie!” and it again sounded so weird to me!! Funny how that is!

    My nicknames are pretty similar to my name (Janie, JJ), but my dad does call me Jet. He’s the only one who calls me that, so it’s special to me! 🙂

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  2. I love it…Stinky! I never really had a nickname growing up – but everyone did call my middle name “Lou” when they said my name…so I’m glad to see that one gone..lol. Then, in high school, I was nicknamed “Amazon” because I was so tall and flat chested…sigh. Some things never change!

  3. I’m never going to be in the produce isle at WalMart again without thinking of you, asprin, strawberry meth (what?) and Stinky. Thanks for the extremely funny and very enjoyable story–you’re a born storyteller, GiGi (ahemmm….I do believe that qualifies) ~Gidget

  4. Do you think we’re doing permanent damage to my middle guy – my husband calls him MEATBALL!
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  5. How funny…..I dislike nick names myself but keep getting called a shortened version of my name which ends up sounding like crass instead of chris….
    I personally like my name the way it is, why do people insist on changing it….LOL!

  6. I call my youngest Boo, B-rob, B-bop. LOL
    oh and spook. I love nick-names. although I have really started rethinking CAT!

    you still like GiGi? LOL

  7. Oh, LOL, I haven’t heard Stinky in forever. Glad you weren’t beat up.

    I’m full of nicknames for my boys and they don’t appreciate any of them.

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