Danger: I won!

June 18, 2007

Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer was reviewing some Danger Ranger DVD’s and held a drawing.  Guess what!??…I won one!!!

I’m always a little skeptical when something says it’s for an age range that so extreme (3-8 yrs), but Gremlin (almost 4) and OldMan (7) both really dug it.  Actually, when I opened the package and they saw what it was, OldMan said he had just seen an advertisement on TV for these DVD’s and thought it was “WAY cool” for someone to send them to us! 

Thanks Shannon, for helping me be such a cool mom!


  1. NUH UHHHH!!! You won? Well then step on over to the winners side, GiGi–you can stand right next to me! If you could see me, I’m still in my pj’s, piles of typing in front of me and a giant grin on my face–I’m glad you’re not the loser you were.

    Have a feeling you’re quite cool with or without said video–but I hear ya, we all need a nudge from time to time! This summer will NOT go by without ‘dangerous Gidget’ with her camera on you, me and Cat-alicious (even though she’s a big loserhead blogger quitter–we’ll keep her). Ugh…rain…I want to go back to bed!!! xo

  2. CONGRATS ON THE BIG WIN! How Cool are you! (feel a bit unworthy to hang with you and Gidget now, being as I am a big LOSER! of course, I guess not entering the contest means I really didn’t LOSE..huh?)

    AND UM…Gidget, Hello, I am not a Loserhead! I posted today!!!!

    Have a Great Day GiGi!

  3. Sorry Cat girl–I didn’t think you’d see it—you wuv me still?

    Okay GiGi check out my blog because being that you’re on a winning streak an all—-you NEED to enter here…the winnings are pretty darned good. xoxoxo

    PS–Cat, don’t you have a pic of you drinking coffee (or so you say it’s coffee)? You could use that to enter too!

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