Mama Mia, Papa Pia…

June 19, 2007

Yesterday I was doing my blog thing and saw on The Pinks and Blues Girls blog that there was ANOTHER giveaway!  I think I’m completely addicted to contests and giveaways!  But this one has to do with COFFEE!!!  O Mama Mia’s Cucina (nothing to do with the mama mia, papa pia, baby’s got the diarrhea song…but makes me think about it everytime I say it!) is having the giveaway of all giveaways.  TON’S O’ STUFF.

To be apart of this this little shin-dig I have to post a picture of myself with fav coffee mug.  I’ve been working on this pic since yesterday…nothing’s. working.  I wanted to be twinkies with Gidget, but my program is not cooperating so here’s what did work….



If there’s no explosion…it’s not strong enough.


  1. Gigi YOU are so insane, you know this, right?! Love the mug-works; have to admit, that little papa pia ditty went through my warped mind too….and finally, stop complaining about your weight problems, kk? Because if I had that waistline, groceries would be purchased today in high heels and a bikini. No lie.

    xoxo Gidget

  2. Thanks Gi, you’re right, we both need much help!

  3. That picture is so cool!

  4. Oh you are ssssoooooo my kinda girl! I do love STRONG joe! But you’r ecraftier than me. I’m still working on how to ph*toshop the back of my arm off. he he he he
    Good luck & thanks for playing!

  5. Okay, I actually joined in on this one! I SO better win so I can join you “WINNERS” I am tired of being in the “LOSERHEAD” Department! lol

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