The Challange – week 6

June 19, 2007

Know what I learned today?  When pigs eat too much and become obese, they are called “fat blind”.  Basically they’ve eaten so much food that the fat in their face hangs over their eyes and they can’t see a dang thing.  Apparently there’s nothing wrong with their nose cause they keep finding the trough and adding to their fat face!

 Now…what does this immensely interesting information have to do with The Challange?  I, myself, have become “fat blind”.  I have gained 3 lbs and I’m convinced that it’s all in my lids and it’s blinding me from my end results.

I’ve been doing good on the water, I’ve laid off the fried food and as you all know, I’ve been a dancin’ fool.  But I’m apparently missing something!  I think maybe it’s time to step up the exercising.  But I just don’t see how people can do it in this weather!!!  It’s 120 degrees out there with 500 percent humidity!  How do you all do it?!?

I think it’s awesome how well people are doing on this Challange from Tales from the Scales, but I’d sure like to contribute to the positive side of it. 

Well, time to quit my whining, get off my duff, clip back the fat lids, and sweat it out!



  1. I also gained 3 pounds this week. It seems like most everyone I have visited so far had a bad week and gained weight.
    I know I was certainly “fat blind” this week too!
    Hope we both have a better week!!

  2. Sweetie, just by participating you are contributing to the positive side. there is a reason this is a long challenge. You didn’t gain the weight overnight, and it’s not going to go away overnight. (Unless you get some lypo)Keep up your healthy habits and it will fall into place. I too sturggle with exercising, and don’t know how so many of the others do it. Have a better week!

  3. I had the first good week in three, but I sympathize with you on the heat issue. Do you have access to a pool where you could swim or do water aerobics? It is terrific exercise and refreshing to boot! Or, could you take up mall walking? I would suggest leaving the credit cards at home, but it’s a fun, air conditioned place to walk. 🙂

  4. Hang on dear, life happens. You can do this, today is a new day.

  5. Is it possible that your cycle is just around the corner? I once gained 2 lbs, only to start my cycle and lose 3 right after it was gone!

  6. you are cracking. me. up.

    better luck next week…my fat blindness led me to have ice cream sundae for dinner at Disneyworld. Lemme tell ya. Not a good weight loss decision, huh?

    Hang in there!!!!!!

  7. I had such a bad week last week that I didn’t even report in. This week seems to be back on track. I think some weeks are just up and down no matter what we do. Hope you have a great week ahead!

  8. You kill me. You and I need to live closer – we could clip back the fat blinds and walk together! lol I feel the pain of gaining…I finally lost the two I gained two weeks ago! So now I’m back to where I started…and there you have it. This will be a better week, I just know it – keep at it and you’ll do ggggreat!

  9. You don’t quit on yourself, Gigi! You didn’t say how your clothes fit–are they fitting different? 120 degrees down there? 500% humidity? I am def glad I live on the upper half of the big M-O. Where’s your coffee mug? Do the same thing I did, we can be like twins or something. xoxo

  10. I’m with ya girl! We can do it! I’m so glad we’re in this together!!

  11. I know what you mean about the heat/humidity factor. We went to Florida a couple of weeks ago – there is no way I could work out there.
    Keep trying – we are all pulling for you!

  12. Also, having a bad week, but it’s ’cause I went on vacation and totally enjoyed the food too much!

  13. You must live near me! (I’m in south Florida.) I used to take my baby boy for walks every morning in his stroller, but now it’s just TOO HOT. Yesterday we walked at 7 AM and I came back in the house just DRIPPING. Ew. I’m going to start mall-walking instead, leaving the credit cards at home!!

  14. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again this week. You CAN do it! We all believe in you!!

  15. I think the thing that worked for me was to use fitday.com (which is free) and journal everything that goes into my mouth so that I know how much I was eating. You know, I never knew that I was eating over 6500 calories and 370 grams of fat each day!!!

    Keep your chin up, if you keep at it, the weight will come off.

  16. Oh, honey, I would never exercise outside in heat and humidity. I would fall over dead. I hate it! That’s why I moved to the mountains! 😉 But find an air-conditioned gym, get some tapes to do in the comfort of your own home, get a shaper ball to do workouts at home (my FAVORITE way to exercise!) I do not do well in heat and humidity. We were in Arkansas this past weekend and while it really wasn’t unbearably hot, I did notice the difference in humidity and it makes me swell up and get totally irritable. Hang in there, lots of us had a bad week. We’ll do better this week. Hugs!

  17. Fat blind! I highly doubt that’s you!!!

  18. OMG, I am rotflmfwao here. You are silly! “Fat blind” indeed.

    You need to get off the scale, concentrate on making good food choices and go swimming or attend water aerobics. Scales are judgments. Do you know that if you are exercising and eating right, you will GAIN weight at first because you are converting fat to lean muscle? You are redistributing weight, girlfriend!

    I’m down 53+ pounds. Stop by and read some of my posts. I’m not a nutritionist or dr., but I’ve lived this and learned a few things along the way.

    Stop beating yourself up!

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