Famous brother

June 22, 2007

Wow…I definitely need to clear up something.  When I wrote about my brother being famous there were 2 key words that apparently get deleted by mistake (I swear!) during an editing.  Those 2 VERY important words were:

“YEAH, RIGHT!”…as in lots of sarcasm.

I’m sorry for any hint of exciting famousness.  My best claim to fame is that I used to go to the same church as Mr. Pitt’s family.  And just as an FYI?  His brother Doug is WAY better looking and he’s a Christian to boot!


  1. So I’ve been passed out from holding my breath all this time for nothing? Now we need a picture of your handsome brother….my sister Jamee went to parties with Pitt and Crow back in her MU days. Your end of the state’s kinda a breeding ground for fame, huh.

    Had BWW wrap sandwich with Cat–sure do wish you were here, GiGi. xoxo Gidge

    I’m off to the doctor now, holding my breath so long probably damaged something idk.

  2. Ahhhh!!!! That’s funny! I DO love you a little extra for the 10 face clicks, lol!

    We only had the wraps because I had a BOGO coupon and I’m poor, so that’s what the coupon was for. Otherwise, I’d probably be at On The Border devouring my fajita salad. Had some very good news this afternoon—finally, so looks like my cave trip is gonna happen…soon as Cat gets back from hers and rests up. Else I’ll have to just tie onto the luggage rack, she’ll sleep right through. ~The Gidge

  3. Hmmm does Brads brother still live down that way? I wanna see him. LOL

    Yes, we sure missed you at lunch, We are gonna get together sometime soon.

    I am all for the Cave trip, you just let me know!
    Can I Leave my kids home? I really need a vacation by myself! LOL

  4. Brad’s brother is better looking. Oh.My.

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