Bling Contest

June 25, 2007

Yes, another friggin’ contest.  Look…. Summer’s are for getting hot and looking hot.

 It’s jewelry!!!  It’s not a Hello Kitty ring and it’s not a macaroni necklace.  IT’S REAL JEWELRY!!!

They’re having it…cause they’re hot!

(I should SO be in marketing….)



  1. Yes, you really SHOULD be in marketing! You could change your blog title to Girl Gone PR! 🙂

    Thanks for the love!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  2. sounds neat. I like Hello Kitty stuff. Its what I want to start collecting.

  3. Gigi–friggin contest? I sense frustration…could be your professional contest-entering career is bringing angst your way. Well I’m hee to help, g/f. I’m going to blow a dandelion into the wind at 8:42 this evening, spinning counterclockwise and repeating Hickory Dickory Dock…this should get you that bling. xoxo

  4. Thanks, I love contests! I never hardly win, but I just won a book from Camy’s loft… ever read her? She gives away books on Monday’s and Thursdays.

  5. Hmmm I feel like I would be cheating on myself if I enter that one for Jewelry, since I sell Jewelry! UGH.

    Will give you my good vibes to win. If not, you can always get free jewelry by Hosting a Silpada Party with me! LOL 😉

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