The Food Network is of the Devil!

June 26, 2007

How on God’s green earth am I suppose to lose weight when The Food Network makes it look so easy to cook such incredibly delicious dishes?!?!  Of course one of my favorites is that Paula woman…and she can’t cook without adding either 2 sticks of butter or a pound of cream cheese.  AND I just happen to have both in my fridge.  AND it wouldn’t be very frugal of me to let it go to waste sooooooo….

Needless to say, I gained some MORE weight, but I also lost some.  I exercised ya’ll!  So all in all I’m down .8 pounds. 

It sounded like we all had a hard time last week….how are we doing this week??



  1. Hang in there, you can do this.

  2. Paula Deen
    Is one fine cook
    If I see her show
    I try not to look

    Those buttery dishes
    Are tasty indeed
    But cream cheese and butter
    Are the last things I need

    At least you’ve lost weight
    I’m back at the start
    So no wise advice
    I have to impart

    I’ll just keep on a chuggin’
    And you do the same
    Then we’ll both be the winners
    Of this weight losin’ game!

  3. Dang, Katie!!! Aren’t you talented?!?! I love it!

  4. Turn off the TV!!! Congrats on the loss, keep working on it! Have an excellent week!!

  5. I love my “pudgy porn” I watch it way to often, and then I make so much I see, and use so much butter.

  6. Paula scares me–I’m afraid she’s going to have a cardiac right there on the set! I cannot get that giant five foot high apple pie slathered in carmel and nuts out of my head now. Love your DNA, btw, you’re a riot! (you probably want to censor my comment now and it’s ok, it’s the control in you that you cannot help!) Gidget

  7. Oh, I can so relate! I sat and watched Food Network last night (it’s my favorite channel) and I got hungry just looking at all the scrumptous foods! Thankfully I was able to fight the urge to get up and cook something late at night. 🙂 Oh, and I love Paula Deen!

    Hang in there! Being down 8 lbs. is great!

    P.S. I loved Katie’s poem! 🙂

  8. Loved Katie’s poem!

    I guess it is a good thing I never got started watching the Food Network. 🙂

  9. I don’t usually weigh myself, but last Friday I had my annual check-up, and even though I told the nurse that I didn’t want to know my weight, she wrote it down right.in.front.of.me, so of course my eye was just naturally drawn to the number.

    I wasn’t totally happy, but not entirely upset, with the number. It’s about where I feel comfortable… not too much effort to maintain, but still feel good about myself in clothes. I COULD weight 10 lbs. less, but when I do, I find myself obsessing over the number too much.

    I can’t watch the Food Network – it’s too much of a bad influence on my food cravings! Haha!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  10. Ummmm yeah, butter and cream cheese are my BIG WEAKNESSES! I stay clear of those foot channels.

    LOL@ Katie, and Gidget!

    You can do it GiGi! I have faith in ya!

  11. ROFLMBO… I mean stay clear of those FOOD channels. GAH!

  12. I am a Food Network addict! I love it…and Paula is one of my favs too. Congratulations on your weight loss. You’re doing great, despite the TV devil.

  13. Laugh out loud! Love the poem!

    My daughter loves the food network, but so far the few recipes we’ve tried have not been good! Really!

    And, yes, I can cook, thank you very much!

  14. I had not heard of Paula Deen until we got back in the US in February… and my goodness she does love her butter!

  15. TURN THE CHANNEL! 😉 WHy not watch some workout channels instead? LOL Hang in there – you’ve done great at losing!

  16. I never cared too much for Paula Deen. I’m a Rachael Ray fan myself!

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