WFMW – Odds and Ends

June 27, 2007


  Here are a few things that aren’t worth a post all unto itself (is that even gooder English?! 😉 ):

1. Cat liter makes an easy odor eater.  It works great in the bottom of trash cans, in any room that gets musty, or even the shed.

2. For pooches who require a no-tip water bowl outside:  use a bundt cake pan and put a wooden stake through the middle.

3. For hollow-stemmed flower arrangements:  they have a tendency to droop too quickly.  Add a few drops of vodka to the water and they’ll stand up straight!  (Ohhhh, how bad I want to add obnoxious one liners here.)

Thanks Shannon for hosting Works For Me Wednesday!


  1. I love the bundt pan idea. I will definately try that one.

  2. You’re chock full of tips
    I can use each of them
    Especially the cat litter one

    My garage is so musty
    And believe me I’ve tried
    Everything under the sun!

  3. Cat litter. Hmm.

  4. Wow those are all great tips. I could use them all.

    LOL um yeah, I was actually waiting for a little one liner for the Vodka tip. 😉

    Have a Great Wednesday Jen (GiGi)

  5. Gigi, I’ll one liner that one..if they still droop it won’t matter now will it–oh wait, hang on….

    Ohhhh, nvm, I thought you said add vodka to ME.

    Now why is it that cat litter does all odors yet never good enough to mask theirs? Pssh! Great tips, girlfriend. You impress me with your house-knowledge. xoxo Gidget

  6. Clever! Love the pet bowl idea!

  7. Ha ha. Yeah, nearly missed that comment amongst my fans… good thing I was looking for it. Get ready because hopefully this evening I’ll find time (work (ugh) and swim meet) to post MY Rocking Girl Blogger post—and I definitely need to pick my friend GiGi..how many pastor’s wives have vodka handy under the fake flower arrangements, I ask you? Oh yeah, you be a rockin girl blogger alright.

    Your friend, Gidge

  8. Great ideas! When I first started dating my now-husband, I brought my black lab over to his parents’ house and she started eating this stuff in their basement (she was a puppy!). I freaked out because I didn’t know what she was eating. It was kitty litter.. but they didn’t have a cat! His mom explained that she used kitty litter to neutralize the musty smell. It really works!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  9. Gigi–get over to my site and claim your award. Hope you have an acceptance speech ready to go and all!

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