Throwback Thursday – 4th birthday

June 28, 2007


Gremlin’s 4th B-day4th-birthday.png

In honor of Gremlin who turned 4 this week, I’m showing a picture of me on my 4th birthday.  That’s my big brother, Hulkman, enthralled by my blowing capabilities.  He looks completely stunned, huh?! 

(He’s actually waiting for me to hurry up and finish my birthday cause he knows as soon as mine is over, he’ll be next.  It’s a month later than mine, but we hear about it just about every hour of every day starting the day after my birthday!  If anything, he IS consistant!)

I have to mention…see that lamp/phone on desk behind me?  I played with thing every day….and from time to time I still have dreams about that lamp!



  1. Happy Birthday Gremlin! Four is about the funnest and cutest age there is, you agree? I’m laughing (out loud) about the crayons–gosh REALLY you should have asked him before you stuck string through the middle and lit them up..but then again, those vodka flowers, you know.

    Have you had your lamp dream analyzed? This could be big! xo

  2. Cool pictures…..it’s so cool to go into the past and compare pictures with those of your kids.

  3. Your brother is being SUCH a brother in that picture! Love it!

    Isn’t it funny how memories/artifacts from your childhood creep into your dreams?

    Happy birthday to Gremlin!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  4. LOL Okay that is way too funny what Gremlin said. He sounds like a cutie! Happy Birthday Gremlin!

    I can’t believe I forgot to do MY Throwback Thursday! Oh well, I think I wanna just forget Thursday ever happened. LOL

    Take care!


  5. Cute pictures! I played this week.

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